Dr. Woody Burton, Principal

Dr. Woody Burton

Dr. Woody Burton
Principal, Dickson Middle School
email:  wburton@dcbe.org


I warmly welcome all of our students and their families to Dickson Middle School for the upcoming school year.  DMS is committed to providing a safe school experience that encourages and expects all students to achieve growth beyond their potential.  Each student will be provided the opportunity to pursue a pathway that leads to academic and personal success.  Our faculty strives to provide an exceptional learning environment and deliver content in a manner that is both relevant and rigorous. With both high expectations in the classrooms and with the multiple extra-curricular activities offered, our students are expected to be accomplished and capable for the next segment of their educational journey.

My challenge to each of you is to be prepared at all times, be engaged in your own learning, be honorable in your intentions, be genuine with your friends and teachers, and have the intestinal fortitude to be successful when confronted with a challenge.  Our teachers and staff are passionate about their calling to teach, and we are here to help and support each of you as you move forward in your learning. This is your campus, your learning, your future, so please, own the impact you make every day.

Dickson Middle School has a reputation and tradition of excellence in academics and community service.  It is my intention that we will not rest on status, but instead, we will blaze forward with academic performance setting an even higher standard.  We are dedicated and prepared for the undertaking and look forward to you joining us!

I look forward to meeting and working with each of you.  Please if you have an issue, please do not hesitate to call on us for assistance.  Go Dragons!



Dr. Woody Burton
DMS Principal