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  October 2014  
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DMS Volleyball 2014-2015
Dickson Middle School will be a data driven team that provides each student with a
 rigorous curriculum while promoting cultural, physical, and social development within a safe environment.  We will strive for continuous improvement through collaboration and professional development while seeking parent and community involvement.

October 21, 2014

FCA is sponsoring a canned/boxed food drive for the Help Center.  Any donations can be dropped off at Mrs. Littleton’s or Mr. Breese’s rooms and Mrs. Adcock’s room at the 6th grade campus.  The drive will end Friday, November 21st

The History Club will meet today at 3:30 in Room 126 at the 7th and 8th grade campus.  The meeting should last until 4.

Congratulations to our football team and coaches on an exceptional season.  The following gentlemen were named to the All-Conference team:  Darion Burns, Tristen Corlew, Colten Harris, Sonny McKelvey, and Gage Pontremoli. 

Bathrooms by the auditorium have been renovated.  They look amazing.  Will be ready for use soon.  Take pride in them.

Thank you to Mrs. Brenda, our food services manager at the 7th and 8th grade campus, for spending Fall Break painting the huge Dragon on the wall of the cafeteria.  It looks great!

Fall Festival:  5-9.  Haunted House until 10.  Tickets are .50 cents each.  We will be selling them in bundles:  10 for $5; 20 for $10; 40 for $20.  Most games are between two and four tickets, hot dogs are three tickets.  The haunted house is ten tickets.  Because the haunted house will be open an hour longer than the rest of the Fall Festival, from 9 to 10 you may pay with ten tickets or $5. Our haunted house is going to be located at the old public library, which is across from our 7th/8th grade campus annex.  Come enjoy the Fall Festival activities on campus, and when you are ready to go over to the haunted house, there will be adults to make sure you make it safely.  From 5 to 6 will be our children-friendly version of the haunted house.  From 6:30 until 10 will be a completely different matter.  Our haunted house has been created by Nathan Davis, Officer Blackwell’s brother; he does this for a living.  Last year’s HH was great, but he was working within the confines of the old cafeteria.   

During the Fall Festival we will have a costume contest.  Those taking part have already been selected.  Do not wear a costume to the Fall Festival.  If you do, you will not be sold any tickets.  It’s simply a safety matter, and we don’t want anyone confusing you with those working the haunted house.  Disney World wouldn’t let you in if you were wearing a Goofy costume J 

Fall Festival t-shirts are still on sale for $10 for both students and staff.  Friday will be a blue jean day for staff wearing our Fall Festival shirts. 

As was announced yesterday, our faculty meeting for this afternoon has been cancelled. 

Grades are due by 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. 

Have a great Tuesday!



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